UA-59488650-1 The New Approach: The problem free unique electric starter for Indian Chief (1934 - 1953)

The electric starter is made of the most high quality materials based on the long term running and is widely tested in practice.

The extra gearbox  with hardened gas nitrated gears and sprocket gives the advance of easy mounting and perfect efficiency ratios for the different (3s or 4s) gearboxes.

All the Indian components as battery, generator (except the eldest models), etc. stay on the original place, so we keep the original look as we want.

Panic starting has never been so easy now. Just release the clutch and press the starting button to restart.

The modern technology made it possible to design it backfiring proof, what means it cannot harm the bike in normal circumstances

The special designed belt adsorbs also backfirings and keeps tensioned for lifetime. Works in dry and wet conditions.

Pat. pending

Hendee Special 1914 Dynastarter

Dynastarter for Old Chiefs in 2014

Starting a 1937 Chief

See film on youtube

Making special parts


See the power of Electrostarter

Sparkplug caps are removed to prevent starting and to see the power of the starter.